Friday 17 May
19:00-22:00 £30 (sold out) // £35 // £40

“On May 17, we invite you to a unique and only concert in Scotland, specifically in Edinburgh – the 30th anniversary of PEJA SLUMS ATTACK,” says the promoter, Megik. “PEJA is an Artist who needs no special introduction. Member of the hip-hop group Slums Attack, which he co-founded. Winner of the Fryderyk Award and other respected music awards. The number of records sold and covered with gold speaks for itself.


During the concert on stage with Rych, well-known Gandi Ganda and DVJ.RINK. During the event you will hear your favorite songs from most of the Artist’s albums that we all know.
You can’t miss it! We meet at The Bongo Club

Tickets are divided into pools, the first pool is always the cheapest, as a new pool appears, the ticket price will increase, so the sooner you buy a ticket, the cheaper.

The VIP ticket includes a special 30th anniversary lanyard and a physical commemorative photo

The VIP ticket with CD includes a physical souvenir photo, a 30th anniversary lanyard and the latest PEJI 50/50 CD, which will be available for signing after the concert.

There will be heavy support. There will be a stand with clothes and records. There will be real Hip-Hop 100%.

Inform your friends, gather your team and see you soon. It’s going to be a BIG PARTY WITH LYNX!”


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Tickets available via link above or on the door (unless sold out).


The Bongo Club
66 Cowgate