Saturday 20 April


23:00-03:00 £7.50 // £12.50

‘The music of Liam Robertson and Calum Macleod, a.k.a. Clouds, has an essence which can be difficult to grasp.  Since releasing on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe imprint in 2016, the Scottish duo’s DJ sets have seen the pair endeavour to strip out all but their own, mostly new and unreleased, productions, leading to a heightened appreciation of the various directions in which they can drive their work back in the studio. With this, their vein of Techno has seen a steady yet explorative development. Hardcore noise swirling over break-neck percussion evolves and envelopes, without overreaching, never conceding to gimmickry. Ecstasy binds itself together with impending dread, like being caught in the atmosphere while the planet below you implodes. Faint cries from past eras are carefully tabbed and then hurled into a post-industrial hell-future, a future that they wield perfectly, in which the listener is reluctant to leave yet hesitant to stay. This is where Clouds place you. A feeling of euphoria repeating, reducing, and then degrading upon blown out sub frequencies that distort and twist as if in a dream, forming whole new worlds of texture and pressure, colour and bliss. Their trance inducing hooks borrow the urgencies and rhythms of early Hardcore and Jungle, alongside the manic paradoxes of abhorrent, rinsed out, joyful Gabber, or the obnoxious glee of Hardstyle, achieving a poetry seemingly at odds with itself, but without sounding crude. This isn’t an exercise in looking backwards, though, there is a skill to which their influences are employed. By not drawing purely upon aesthetic, stylistic conventions, utilized all too often amongst their peers, but by drawing on more subtle, substantial elements, Clouds are able to create an innovative, nuanced, singular experience. All of this can be heard and felt in their new record, Heavy The Eclipse, written and recorded at Speedy J’s Rotterdam studio over 14 days in late November 2016.’ (RA 2017 BIO)

LINE UP: Clouds, Tais-Toi, Mily BRA TICKETS Buy tickets for The Bongo Club

Tuesday 23 April


23:00-03:00 £0-£7 (£6 students)

Scotland’s dedicated weekly drum & bass night: DnB | Jungle | Bass | Footwork | Grime | Garage.  Promos: £3 drinks, £2 shots. LINKTREE // Buy tickets for The Bongo Club Buy Tickets for Midnight Bass

Thursday 25 April


23:00 - 03:00 £3 // £5

“Hot off the wheels from our crazy first birthday celebrations, we’re back at Bongo for another round!” say the Candy Flip crew.  “This time we’ll be delving deep into the history and evolution of one of the UK’s most recognisable sounds, one that’s been at the forefront of the rave and sound system scenes since it’s origin in the early 90’s… CandyFlip presents: New School vs Old School Jungle.  From wild, energetic breakbeat and sharp percussions to soulful and bliss reggae vocals, we’ll be exploring the unique elements and structures of Jungle and how it’s evolved through the years, whilst maintaining its staple sound. For this night we’ve invited along some of the city’s most well versed in Jungle music, so expect a true and in-depth journey through the timelines.”  LINE UP: Burdy JI_2001 Amhailt.xox Bengalist.  RA TICKETS Buy tickets for The Bongo Club

Friday 26 April


23:00-03:00 £6 adv // £8 door

Don’t just STAND THERE!  DISCO MAKOSSA INVITES YOU TO [MOVE TO THE BEAT]  Residents selectors Astrojazz, Geez Wax and Just_arch will be spinning a wide selection of African inspired dance grooves from afrobeat, highlife, kwaito through funk and disco to house and tech for all dancers. Come through and let’s MOVE!!  RA TICKETS Buy tickets for The Bongo Club

Saturday 27 April


23:00-03:00 £0 // £1.50 // £2.50 // £4 // £6 // £8 // £10

“On Saturday 27th April, we are hugely excited to welcome dynamic duo Bonzai Bonner & Anna Gram to The Bongo Club as special guests, performing under their collaborative moniker, LEZZER QUEST,” say the CN x HM crew.  The Glasgow-based pair have been consistently making a name for themselves on the decks at the infamous ‘Shoot Your Shot’ LGBTQ+ parties. While they both bring unique flair, selections and mixing skill as individual artists, they become a serious force to be reckoned with when combined on a B2B. Get ready for Lezzer Quest!  RM 1: Anna Gram B2B Bonzai Bonner (LEZZER QUEST) Mairi ‘b’ Pots aka Mairi B (Mumbo Jumbo) b2b Hobbes RM 2: Dave Valdez  Neev  + more. FREE TICKETS AVAILABLE VIA RA Buy tickets for The Bongo Club

Tuesday 30 April


23:00-03:00 £0-£7 (£6 students)

Scotland’s dedicated weekly drum & bass night: DnB | Jungle | Bass | Footwork | Grime | Garage.  Promos: £3 drinks, £2 shots. LINKTREE // Buy tickets for The Bongo Club Buy Tickets for Midnight Bass

Friday 03 May



Saturday 04 May


23:00-03:00 £7 // £8.50 // £10

Roots reggae rocking – foundation tune, fresh dubs, vibes alive, rockers, steppers, rub-a-dub.  Scotland’s original [and biggest] roots and culture rasta reggae sound system, Messenger has been spreading the word on their own custom built bass-heavy rig since 1987, with a flame burning brighter than ever today.  Powered by the Messenger Sound System.  FACEBOOK // INSTAGRAM Buy tickets for The Bongo Club

Tuesday 07 May


23:00-03:00 £0-£7 (£6 students)

Scotland’s dedicated weekly drum & bass night: DnB | Jungle | Bass | Footwork | Grime | Garage.  Promos: £3 drinks, £2 shots. LINKTREE // Buy tickets for The Bongo Club Buy Tickets for Midnight Bass

Friday 10 May



Sound system and crew, part of a music and art collective specializing in BASS music.

Custom built and comprised of the finest audio components, it operates at a huge 26KW and provides as much deep bass, punchy mids and clear highs as any party could require.

Previous guests include: TQD, Mike Skinner, Kode9, My Nu Leng, Flava D, Alix Perez, Audio, Dub Phizix, Shy FX & Stamina MC,  Aphrodite, Champion, Kings Of The Rollers, Hedex, Friction & MC Linguistics, DJ Guv, Darkzy, Om Unit, Serum & Inja MC, Hybrid Minds, K Motionz, Harriet Jaxxon, AC13, Particle, Serial Killaz, Mefjus, Current Value…

Garage / Bass / Drum and Bass / Dubstep / 2step / Jungle / Bassline / Juke

Saturday 11 May


16:00 - 22:00 £19.50

‘The sound of Dresden is something not to be heard from the sidelines,’ they say. ‘Ivan Smagghe & Manfredas partner up once again and bring that extra something to NSA. It’s Day Culture #7’ Buy tickets for The Bongo Club TICKETS SCOTLAND

Saturday 11 May


23:00 - 03:00

Details TBC

Tuesday 14 May


23:00-03:00 £0-£7 (£6 students)

Scotland’s dedicated weekly drum & bass night: DnB | Jungle | Bass | Footwork | Grime | Garage.  Promos: £3 drinks, £2 shots. LINKTREE // Buy tickets for The Bongo Club Buy Tickets for Midnight Bass

Thursday 16 May


23:00 - 03:00 £6 // £8 // £10

Thank You, Have a Nice Rave – underground NYC rave scene appreciation in Edinburgh!

House / Techno / Acid

Ron Like Hell is the embodiment of NYC sound with over twenty years of experience and running their party WRECKED – one of the most celebrated dance forward queer parties in New York City.

Few DJs have the wealth of experience and knowledge Ron has – not just of music but of making people move. Ron’s music has vibrated several times through the massive sound system of Berghain’s Panorama Bar in Berlin, accompanied the sunrise at festivals like Sustain-Release and has taken them to different corners of the globe but their music has always brought them home to NYC.  Ron Like Hell’s Scottish debut will bring Edinburgh a slice of the NYC rave scene – and will show why his unique and story weaving sets are talk amongst all of NYC’s underground.

Scottish born Panooc spent almost a decade on the iconic and rich dance floors of NYC shaping their sound and energy behind the decks This honorary New Yorker cut their teeth on some of NYC’s largest dance floors and with their recent move back to Edinburgh is making their Bongo club debut alongside a NYC legend Ron Like Hell.

Trippy rave visuals inspired by NYC – live VJing VCN.PTK

Bass / Breaks / Garage

Homegrown Edinburgh collective GRDN is doing a takeover of the upstairs loft with their eclectic fast mix of vibe setting tunes from jungle and breaks to garage and bass. Bartek is a dynamic DJ and producer who has firmly established himself as a mainstay in the Edinburgh music scene. He’s an integral member of the Haptic and GRDN collectives as well as the curator of Subterranean Sound festival.

Feena is a founding member of the Miss World DJ collective, providing a platform for women and non-binary DJs through the group’s monthly residency at world-renowned Sneaky Pete’s. From the booth, Feena creates carefree mayhem with trips through high-energy, high-tempo and bass-driven selections, playfully brought together in her dynamic DJ style.

Powered by XOXA

“XOXA is a platform, party and DJ collective based out of NYC with a worldwide reach. Their mission is to support and highlight artists in the electronic music scene while providing an intentional space for dancers and partygoers. XOXA works closely with DJs spanning genres, scenes, countries and backgrounds all with the common goal of uplifting and unifying marginalized artists.”

Limited edition “Thank you, Have a Nice Rave” bags available via RA ticket purchase only

Rave code: This is a safer space for everyone – no tolerance for sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, ageism, ableism or any other type of discrimination. If we notice anyone disrespecting this they will be swiftly removed without a refund. The dance floor is for dancing – no phones on the dance floor please!

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