Reviews, quotes and endorsements

“With a reputation as an anything-goes kind of place, The Bongo Club is a bohemian institution” Ruby (Virgin Atlantic in-flight magazine), Feb ’15

“Edinburgh’s multi-arts venue and nightclub is the place to be if you like your clubbing with a little more meat on its bones” The List. Sept ’13

“Back and stronger than even in their new Cowgate digs, the Bongo Club is bigger and shinier than ever – offering up the same stellar selection of clubs that has helped build their reputation as one of the best places to boogie into the wee hours, bolstered by a selection on all-new nights and, yes, a beer garden!  It’s the perfect antidote if you’ve been subjected to too much chart music. To sum up: Edinburgh institution” The Skinny, Mar ‘13

“The Bongo Club is a rare and wonderful thing, a club that encourages the best of its local artistic community. …it is a venue that works to promote new and exciting work that attracts visitors and locals alike AND provides genuinely inspiring line ups and shows at properly affordable prices. It has an ethos of experimentation and discovery and accessibility that is unique. It is part of the artistic DNA of Edinburgh” Mark Thomas, Comedian/writer/broadcaster, 2012

“If you should walk into the Bongo Club of an evening to find horse-headed men, tiger-faced women and a friendly wee dog running between the two, there’s no need for alarm. Easily the most bohemian of the capital’s concert venues…. Besides the 450-capacity venue’s excellent pedigree in bringing rockabilly and indie rock to the capital, recent live guests such as Falkirk troubadour Aidan Moffat and minimal techno act Pantha du Prince prove that no genre is a stranger” The Guardian, Oct ‘11

“In the heart of Edinburgh lies arguably the most diverse multi-media arts centre on the east coast of Scotland” The Scotsman, Jan ‘98