Saturday 12 October
23:00-03:00 £3 before 12, £7 after (£5 concs)Buy now

Edinburgh label Hobbes Music celebrates 6 YEARS of putting out VINYL – plus an ALBUM RELEASE on 2×12″ – with a cast from HM’s past, present and future in this one-off event, including no less than THREE techno acts playing LIVE (two with full visuals and one with a live drummer on an electronic kit) plus TWO DJs.  Whoop!

Supporters of HM include: Nina Kraviz, Levon Vincent, Laurent Garnier, Ben UFO, Avalon Emerson, Erol Alkan, DFA, Bawrut, Groove Armada, Bill Brewster (DJ History), The Revenge, Horse Meat Disco, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Auntie Flo, Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space), JD Twitch (Optimo), Daniel Avery, Greg Wilson, Ashley Beedle, Andrew Weatherall, DJ Deep, Sean Johnston, nd Baumecker, Red Rack Em, Cedric Woo, John Heckle, Justin Robertson and many more…


ROOM 1 (Acid/House/Techno/Electro/Breaks/Bass/Rave):
HOBBES (DJ): 2.15-3am
JACKSONVILLE (LIVE Techno/House/Electro – full hardware set): 1.30-2.15am
EXTERIOR (LIVE Electro/Techno – full hardware set w/visuals): 12.45-1.30am
HOBBES (DJ): 11-12.45am
DALI (12″)

ROOM 2 (IDM/Machine Funk/Space Grooves/Abstract/Cerebral):
GAMING (LIVE IDM – full hardware set w/live drummer & visuals)
RENATA (Rossz Records)
(Running Times TBC)


With releases for more respected labels than you could put in a pile and call a tree (2020Vision, Hizou, Doppler, Thug, Plastic City, Leftroom, A.E.R, Inner Shift, Shanti and Dan Curtin’s Metamorphic) and an EP scheduled for release via HM soon, JACKSONVILLE brings his firing, live machine funk grooves to the party.

Faith Magazine Interview (2012)

GAMING is the fresh new braindance electronica project from veteran producer and musician Alan Bryden, previously known as Sidewinder (signed to the Fenetik off-shoot label of Glasgow’s Soma Records for a run of singles and an album). These hip hop inspired, sample based dancefloor cut ups received huge support from DJs as diverse as Groove Armada, Laurent Garnier, Mad Matts, Domu and more and rocked dancefloors from Stockholm to São Paulo. Sidewinder tracks appeared on numerous compilation albums and are still widely used in film and TV all over the world, thanks to a publishing deal with EMI.  After a stint in Brazil playing with world music fusion musician DJ Tudo and his freewheeling band ‘Sua Gente De Todo Lugar’, Alan returned to Scotland and has been amassing an arsenal of new and old studio gear as well as developing a parallel career as a successful community musician.

DJ reactions etc:
‘This is superb. Thank you so much for sending it to me… Brilliant music’ LAURENT GARNIER
‘Nice work! I like Sodium Orange the best…  It’s interesting music, I am sure you will have a lot of success’ LEVON VINCENT
‘Sounds great… got the vibe of a full movie soundtrack to me – a lovely piece of work, and well put together’ THE REVENGE
‘Sweet! Thanks a lot. Love ‘On The Corner’ (B2). All pretty nice, though’ EXTRAWELT
‘Brilliant album, thank you!’ NIGHTWAVE
‘Thank you so much for sending’ AVALON EMERSON
‘I like that.  Definitely into the A side more, especially ‘Ripples Begin’ PLACID (We Go Deep)
‘Really like Ripples Begin.  Put it on a mix I did for the Sub Club’ DOMENIC CAPPELLO (Subculture)*
‘Sounding cool’ DAN CURTIN (Metamorphic)*
‘Sounding very nice, I like the Ripples Begin track loads!’ IDA (Acid Flash)*
‘Really good as always. Different again. Will definitely pull something for the radio’ JAMIE THOMSON (Radio Magnetic)
*Feedback for unreleased EP/sampler shared with a small number of DJs earlier this year.  NB Ripples Begin is the only track on the album from this EP.

GAMING is a new solo outing that brings together a lifelong love of music and technology and creating left field, rhythmic electronica. It’s the sound of IDM, nineties techno and mensch maschine computer music that is as spontaneous as it is programmed. A debut EP is slated for release on Hobbes Music in the new year.

EXTERIOR is the artist moniker of Edinburgh producer Doug MacDonald.  Exterior represents his transition to electronic music and an embrace of the dancefloor.  Doug played hardcore and noise-rock for a long time before eventually abandoning collaboration, nostalgia and formulaic rebellion in favour of synthesis.  What he gained on the way was an understanding of the power of live drumming and years of finely honed performance-skills, something of an aberration in dance music.

Exterior thus represents a convergence of disparate personal and musical pleasures.  Accordingly Exterior draws on rhythmic mavericks as divergent as Fugazi//Battles//Swans as well as DJ Spoko//Clark//Hieroglyphic Being.  In addition there is a deep undercurrent of melody and texture drawing on the likes of Burial//Miles Davis//Bjork. Eschewing the modern home computer in favour of an exclusively hardware based approach, Exterior espouses a physical relationship to what is at heart an abstract practice, composing electronic dance music.

His debut EP “Public Transport” was released on London/Barcelona-based Land Recordings earlier in 2018.  Having played his debut headlining show in Berlin this September, more live performances are planned for the end of the year including this one, to fete the launch of new EP Plagued Streets of Pity on 12″ vinyl via Hobbes Music (HM011). This record represents a significant move forward in sophistication and club-readiness.

DJ reactions etc:
’This is great… (Original & DALI remix) thanks a lot’  LAURENT GARNIER
‘Thank you for sending! I actually kinda like Let Them Come To You best’ AVALON EMERSON
‘Good stuff!’ JD TWITCH (OPTIMO)
‘Yeah this is aaaceee! I like all of them to be fair. I love the ambient choir vocals in the first track. And the kick is nice, something I’d play definitely.  But then, I also like the (DALI’s) electro mix. I think I’d be playing both definitely! And the last two (A2, B1) are very James Holden like. Very nice!’ IDA
‘Ooft, this is great.  Ooft, that DALI mix too.  I like all of this. Nice chuggy thing, then too gnarly fast things’ GILES WALKER
‘Great release’ NIGHTWAVE
‘PSOP is a banger.  Hard funky. Fresh!’ HOSTAGE
‘Best electronic live set i’ve seen in two years!’ CHRIS CUSACK (OUTBLINKER/BLOC GLASGOW, BOOKER)

HOBBES (above middle, with studio partner Leonidas) is the man behind the Hobbes Music label.  Originally part of Trouble DJs, Hobbes has shared his diverse tastes with audiences worldwide, from tiny sweatboxes in the Far East to festivals in the UK and Europe.  His label’s output runs the gamut from deeper and more banging house/techno/electro fare to fluffier, funkier moods and grooves.

Following the huge success of 2017’s summer anthem and international club hit Web Of Intrigue (from his Rags of Time EP with Leonidas – see below) and a healthy buzz around consequent releases (not least the label’s June release, HM012, the ‘New Experience’ EP by Japanese artist Kota Motomura), expect to hear a tougher set from Hobbes tonight, with a few exclusives, including tracks from his upcoming  fourth EP with Leonidas.

Having remixed the Pet Shop Boys and supplied a mix for i-D Magazine’s Soundcloud  following EPs 1 and 2, Leonidas & Hobbes’s third EP ‘The Rags of Time‘ (especially lead track Web Of Intrigue, below) blew up properly in 2017.  DJs such as Leo Mas, Nancy Noise, Nick The Record, Jim Stanton/Horse Meat Disco called lead track Web of Intrigue their ‘summer anthem’, while legendary tastemaker Andrew Weatherall declared that it was ‘going to be massive’.  Consequently voted Record of the Year on Bill Brewster’s annual ‘Furtive 50’ poll (by 400+ international DJs), in January ’18, via his highly infuential DJ History podcast, it hasn’t stopped.


RENATA is mom of Rossz Records and Music for a Single Plant radio show on EHFM

The anonymous DALI has released two highly acclaimed 12″s on HM to date, picking up support from the likes of Ben UFO, Nina Kraviz, Avalon Emerson, Laurent Garnier, Daniel Avery and Optimo (among others)… Expect one or two of its tracks to be aired in the mix…



Ben UFO, Avalon Emerson, Levon Vincent, Nina Kraviz, Bill Brewster, Erol Alkan, Tom Findlay (Groove Armada), The Revenge, Auntie Flo, Tim Sweeney, JD Twitch (Optimo), Daniel Avery, Greg Wilson, Horse Meat Disco, MCDE, Andrew Weatheall, Red Rack Em, Cedric Woo & all at Beauty & The Beat, Laurent Garnier, Bawrut, Sean Johnston, John Heckle, Justin Robertson, Afredo, Nancy Noise, KiNK, Ivan Smagghe, Craig Smith, Jimpster, Domenic Cappello, Gareth Sommerville, XDB, Ashley Beedle, Yogi Haughton, OOFT, Dimitri Veimar, Chris Duckenfield, mick Wills, Numbers, Bobby Cleaver, Sven Helwig, Kay Suzuki, Extrawelt, Tony Humphries, Leo Mas, Nick The Record, Neil Diablo, Kris Wasabi, Mash, DJ Mag, Ray Philp, RA, Les Yeux Orange, The Ransom Note, The Skinny, Rick Benjamin & Barney Kato at Bondi Beach, Radio Sydney, Igor Marijuan and Andy Wilson at Ibiza Sonica, Ibiza Voice, 6Music, Radio 1, Music For Dreams DK, Reform Radio, Joe Morris, Clandestino FM, Frankie Valentine , Soft Rocks, Brighton FM, Beats In Space NYC, dj history, giles walker, ida, Euan Fryer A.O.T.N., Rob da Bank, Mixmag, Vic Galloway, Nemone, Tiago, i-D magazine, DJ Bert, Dmit.ry, Jacksonville, Patrick Alavi, Max Ulis, DEMI, Andrew Pirie, Felix, Masa Sutela, Bawrut, Jon Kennedy, Alex Ormas, DJ Minikin, Archie, Claire, Nathan and all crew at Split Works China, Keyte, Jamie Thomson, Dan Curtin, Owen Jay, Danielle Moore, Chris Todd & Jim Baron from Crazy P, hugh Herrerra, Miles Simpson, Jonny Rock, Discky Triso, Main Ingredient, Astrojazz, Theo Kottis, Neil Parnell, Phil Mison, Chris Galloway, Lee Foos, Jim Thomson (Juno), Craig Christon, Atemi, Jason Boardman (Aficionado), Jan Hammered, Vasco Disco, Mark Gilbert, Harry Bennett, Acid Ted,  Arveene Juthan, Junior Richards, Theodoric, Martin Valentine, Sam Mau Mau & all at Elevator Shanghai, Allan Marshall & Yeti, Ryota Opp, Ichi, Cat Boys and all the party people at Aoyama Hachi in Tokyo, Iain Mackie, Mr Shiver, Sam Don, Colvin Cruickshank, Matt Belcher, Pat Bensberg, Gary Mac, Karen Gabay at Radio Manchester, Richard Brophy, Sinden, Alex Metric, nd Baumecker, T.E.E.D., Plump DJs, Zdar, M.A.N.D.Y., Doorly, Ben Mono, ETHYL, Locksmith, Paddy Freeform, Maceo Plex, Kastle, Moonbotica, Hostage, Neoteric, Kiki, Ben Pistor, Matt Walsh, everyone at Bongo, Glenn Morrison, Citizen, Colin Peters, Yam Who?, Dlex, Clive Henry, Chris Fortier, DJ Cable, The Other Tribe, Mark Farina, Larry Tee, John Digweed, Dam Mantle, Leftside Wobble, Bot Crookers, Yuri Database, Wankelmut, StereoHeroes, Nick Warren, Mousse T, sharon andrews, DJ Wool, Andrew Grant, Fatboy Slim, Steve Mac, Pablo Contraband, Shadow Child, Moonbootica, Moguai, J Paul Getto, Tocadisco, Jody Wisternoff, Dave Seaman, Micah Vellian, Volta Bureau, Krysko, Alan Braxe, David Gardner Cosmonauts, WAFA, Omid 16B, Ed Butler Cinematic, Lucio Database, Sasha, Death On The Balcony, Droog, Do Tank, Japanese Popstars, Toyboy & Robin, Mr G, Russ Chimes, Ben Martin, Dam Mantle, Scuola Furano, Thomas Pudell/Black Alley, Nikhil Shah & all at Mixcloud, Marco Bernardi, Fabrice Lig, Rebecca Vasmant,  GoldFFinch, Ben Mono, Geoff Ticehurst, Nick Stewart, David Barbarossa, Teamy, Spatial Awareness, Mark Barton, Gunrose, Kosmos, David Varchola, Debukas, iO Sounds, Murf, Alex Pewin, Sovnger, B-Jam, Ben Osborne, Moullinex, Nacho Lovers, Eric Roberts, Andrew Ingram, Jonny Hunter, Cam Mason, Nikki Kent, Guy Phipps, Tallah Brash, Claire Francis, Donald Shields, Jonathan Burnip & many more…

Underground Solushn, Elvis Shakespeare, Paradise Palms, Piccadilly, Rough Trade, Earworm, Phonica, Mr Bongo, Idle Hands, Red Eye, Juno, Love Vinyl, YAM, Rubadub, Above Board, Clone & Rush Hour NL, Word & Sound, Diamonds & Pearls, Hard Wax, HHV & Decks.de, Lighthouse, Disk Union, Jet Set & Technique Tokyo, Newtone Osaka, Freestyle Online JP, Techno Import & La Baleine FR, Groove Chicago, Deep Record Store Budapest and, most of all, Bandcamp…

Nightwave, IO Sounds, Conquering Animal Sound, JD Twitch, HRH, Neil Landstrumm, Ali Renault, Tokyo Knife Attack, Fudge Fingas, Auntie Flo, Snide Rhtyhms, Debukas, Am$trad Billionaire, GZ, Craig Smith, Night Noise Team, Joe Howe, Digital Jones, The Son(s), plum, Dimitri Veimar, Mick Wills, Numbers Are Futile, Marco Bernardi, DALI, Leo, JP, Claudio, Lindsay Todd & Al White at Firecracker, The Off Key Hat, Keith ‘Radioactive Man’ Tenniswood, Curved, MPO, Mike Grinser, Dubplates & Mastering, Kenny Inglis, Ruud Lekx, Chris Lyth, Gabe, Deep Grooves, Jaco Justice, Sayori Wada, Exterior, Panos, GAMING…



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