Saturday 22 June
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“For the next Club_Nacht x Hobbes party (and its final episode before Bongo closes for its annual summer hiatus) we are absolutely stoked to welcome legendary DJ Yogi Haughton to The Bongo Club for the first time in many years,” say the CNxHM crew.

“A DJ whose contribution to the British house, soul and dance music scenes has been nothing short of remarkable, Yogi stands out one of Scotland’s best known DJs and stands accoladed as ‘the John Peel of Dance Music’ (DJ Mag) and ‘Scotland’s most importand DJ’ (Evening Times).  His legacy spans four decades.  He has also been credited with bringing House and Techno north of the border in the mid-late 80s!

We couldn’t think of a better DJ to bring our latest run of parties to a close for the summer. Keep your eyes peeled for our next run of parties being announced soon!”


Yogi Haughton (3 hr set)



He was in the first wave of resident DJ’s at the world’s longest running club, The Sub Club in Glasgow. He’s played at too many Southport Weekenders to mention, and his Hoochie Coochie Club (The Hooch) is widely regarded as Scotland’s first club to play house and techno, from the mid 80’s.  DJ Magazine called him “the John Peel of Dance Music”, Radio 4 enthused, “Yogi is a genuine database of music, from northern soul to house and everything in between”, and Luke Unabomber poured plaudits such as “one of the true progressives out there” and “a pioneer and up there with Colin Curtis, a real inspiration,” on Yogi recently.

Few DJ’s are as comfortable genre-busting as Yogi Haughton, playing at cutting edge house nights, rare soul nights, a hip hop gig, or a rare disco event, and maybe a Mr M’s reunion over one weekend is not uncommon for the former DJ Magazine and Edinburgh Evening News scribe.

Yogi has also recorded music for some seriously big labels over the years, Rumour Records, R&S, Chicago’s legendary Guidance Records and the Murk guys sister project Vibe in Miami are just a handful of the quoted stables that he has recorded for in the past.  More recently Yogi has released material on the uber-cool Midnight/Black Riot imprints and he has just finished a mix of Garfield Fleming’s Grass Ain’t Greener for the high flying UK based Soul stable Cordial Recordings, which became a floor filler at soul parties.

Perhaps the fact that Yogi has recorded for Techno stables, House and Disco labels AND now soul labels, demonstrates just how versatile a DJ Yogi is, and which is why he plays around the world at everything from jazz and soul gigs, to house and boogie weekenders such as Vocal Booth, The Boogaloo Weekender, Platinum Weekender and the Kavos weeker.  Yogi also runs MFSB, his highly successful daytime club in Edinburgh, now in its thirteenth year, and still packing them in.  Also, Yogi is a regular spinner at Hector’s House in Edinburgh, where some 800 of the young team get to experience Yogi’s musical knowledge and exciting DJ skills, “watching 800 teenagers dancing to acid house is incredible and mind-blowing” Yogi exclaimed.

Still at the arrowhead of new sounds and with his back catalogue of a 70,000 record collection to rely on, Yogi is a true music fan and a DJs, DJ, and still breaking new ground with new ideas for club nights and promoting his beloved black music. He’s off to The White Lion, one of London’s premier black music venues on August 25th 2024 to take his MFSB brand to the smoke for the first time, and he is playing at the Flicks reunion in Kent in April 2024. Yogi is also going to be DJing regularly at the listening lounge Mamasan in Glasgow, where noted collectors are invited to play joints from their prized collections on a high end sound system. Wherever our intrepid collector spins, he always makes edutainment a priority!

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