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German duo Pan-Pot bring the techno for Nightvision (Fri 30th Oct)

07 October 2015 -


A pan-pot is a simple, workday knob, given to side-to-side flip-flopping and not much else. Pan-Pot, on the other hand, are a brilliant multi-dimensional Berlin duo currently twisting house and techno fans into rapturous fits.

Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix met at Berlin’s renowned SAE and were drawn together as they were the only two in their studios who had their sights set firmly on the sound of techno. Fast forward a fair few years, they have developed a dominant presence in the upper echelon of electronic dance music, with an ascension paralleling the rise of their native label, Mobilee records, and their gigs around the world, including the likes of Timewarp and Awakenings, are always an intimate experience, no matter how big the crowd.

The Bongo Club is consequently the perfect setting for these two techno stalwarts!




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