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Bongo Lives! x Hidden Door (22 – 30 May): Line-up Announced!

21 April 2015 -

Bongo Lives! x Hidden Door Logo (700 px)

So, the full extent of this year’s Hidden Door festival line-up has now been announced and we’re officially taking part under the banner of Bongo Lives!, which is our annual celebration that The Bongo Club is still here, two years after we got turfed out of our old home (Moray House) and twelve years after we move there from our original New Street address!  (Read the full history of The Bongo Club here).

So, as well as a number of special, in-house events of our own, we’ll be officially hosting Hidden Door’s Third Stage here at The Bongo Club.

Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s going to be happening here:

Friday 22nd: Trouble & Hobbes Music present The Correspondents
Saturday 23rd: Song by Toad presents Bat Bike, Lush Purr and Youngstrr Joey
Sunday 24th: Alternative Orchestra Afterparty with The Black Diamond Express and Victorian Trout Conspiracy
Monday 25th: DECAGRAM presents Miracle Strip & Black Lantern Music presents Loki and more
Tuesday 26th: Artcore live in association with Verden Studios
Wednesday 27th: Fat Suit, Thunkfish, Slow Gear and DJs
Thursday 28th: Jazz Notes with Dick Lee and Paul Harrison (part of a series of workshops)
Thursday 28th: Sleepsound Agency present Last Harbour and Tomorrow We Sail
Friday 29th: LIMBO presents Stealing Sheep, ULTRAS and Blank Canvas
Friday 29th: DJ Smoove at Four Corners
Saturday 30th: Bombskare and Sea Bass Kid
Saturday 30th: DJ Silkie at Big n Bashy
Sunday 31st: Creating A Scene

More details on the Hidden Door’s website.

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Bongo Lives! x Hidden Door Festival, Fri 22nd – Sat 30th May

02 April 2015 -

Bongo Lives! x Hidden Door Logo (700 px)It’s been official for a while but, following a meeting with Hidden Door this morning, we can reveal that the programme is starting to shape up very nicely indeed and we’re very much looking forward to hosting a whole week of events here, in collaboration with them, at the end of May.

The opening night is Friday 22nd May, featuring old friends and scintillating live act The Correspondents. More info about that one here.

We can’t reveal much more than that right now, suffice to say, there will be a LOT of live music and some buzzing club events running into the wee small hours, to boot.

Oh, and up above there’s our new Bongo Lives! x Hidden Door logo and mascot, who you’ll be seeing popping up round town rather a lot in the coming weeks.  We really like the Tasmanian  devilry of his style.  Hope you do, too…



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Bongo Lives! x Hidden Door

27 February 2015 -

The Bongo Club is proud to announce a new collaboration with the Hidden Door festival for this year’s Bongo Lives! event, taking place at both the Bongo and Hidden Door’s new venue for 2015 (TBC*), Friday 22nd – Saturday 30th May.

Bongo Lives! was established in May 2013, soon after The Bongo Club had moved to its latest premises underneath Central Library/George IV Bridge, on the Cowgate. Its third location since the venue first opened in New Street in 1996, this latest site was found after the public led a massive outcry against previous landlords Edinburgh University and associated campaign for the venue to be kept in business (read the abridged history of The Bongo Club here). Conceived as a mini-Fringe-style festival, espousing all the creative elements The Bongo Club holds dear, from fine art to theatre and spoken word, live music to clubbing, Bongo Lives! is a week-long rush of activity from both local and international creatives for the local community.

Hidden Door was set up in 2010 by Edinburgh-based artists to be a dynamic platform to showcase breakthrough talent and reach new audiences across Edinburgh. However, it took a giant step in 2014 when the volunteer-run organization took over the derelict Market Street vaults behind Waverley station and turned them into a thriving 9-day hub of ambitious art installations, live music, theatre, film and spoken word. Hidden Door’s vision is now built around the idea of opening up new territory for the arts, both in terms of disused areas and forgotten realms of the city, and also in terms of creating unique opportunities for creative producers to innovate and collaborate. Ultimately, with each annual event in a different site, the festival is a unique opportunity for audiences to explore a forgotten, mysterious space, and discover and get to know the inspirational creativity that is normally hidden away in the city.

It made a huge amount of sense for The Bongo Club to join forces with Hidden Door in this way and we’re very much looking forward to seeing how this latest collaboration bears fruit for all concerned, with events running concurrently at both venues.

*With Hidden Door’s licence still to be granted, its venue will be announced, as will be more info about this brand new collaboration, asap…

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