Upcoming Events

Saturday 04 July


23:00-03:00 £5 b4 12 and £7 after / £6 all night (students)

Originally established way back in 1987 (!), Messenger, the original roots advertiser, consistently programmes the heights of conscious reggae music, dub-wise and otherwise!  Upstairs: Sound System Legacies explores the legacy of dub / reggae / roots music and sound system culture on more contemporary club / dance music styles such as dubstep, jungle, d n b, garage etc, featuring DJ Skillis plus guests…  Look out for some of the mighty Messenger Sound System in here as well!  2 Floors of music – Don’t miss!  Powered by Messenger Sound System.  FACEBOOK

Tuesday 07 July


23:00-03:00 £4 b4 12 / £5 / £1 off with name on FB wall

Scotland’s dedicated weekly drum n bass night.  DRUM & BASS,
JUNGLE, BASSLINE, GRIME, BASS, GARAGE. Multi-genre guests in Room 2.  DRINK DEALS: £1 shots, £1.50 tequila, £2 spirit mixers (rum, vodka, gin), £2.50 Red Stripe (500ml can).  FACEBOOK

Friday 10 July


23:00-03:00 TBC

Sound system and crew, part of a music and art collective specializing in BASS music.

Custom built and comprised of the finest audio components, it operates at a huge 26KW and provides as much deep bass, punchy mids and clear highs as any party could require.

Garage / House / Bass / Drum and Bass / Dubstep / Future / 2step / Jungle / Bassline / Juke 

Saturday 11 July


23:00-03:00 £3 B4 12 / £7 after / £5 (concessions)

Mumbo Jumbo mixes it up a whole heap.  Resident DJs Trendy Wendy, Steve Austin and Eva Crystaltips play everything from disco, funk and soul to electro and house: Saturday night party music all night long.  But Mumbo is very much a LIVE dance party: Mari Pots n Pans gets busy on the live percussion and fellow new recruits Erb & Ting (alias Al Roberts and Groove Armada’s MC MAD) also get jamming on guitar & vox. FACEBOOK AND upstairs it’s the LUCKY 7 SKA N REGGAE CLUB, with Tall Paul (The GoGo) and friends playing vintage ska, early reggae, calypso, 2-Tone, & Jamaican Sounds!  FACEBOOK Two clubs for the price of one?! You bet!

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