Events - 9 Dec 23

Saturday 09 December


16:00 - 22:00 £17.50

No Strings Attached launches a new residency at Bongo with the fifth instalment in the ‘Day Culture’ party series that has seen them packing out venues around town post-pandemic with the likes of A Love From Outer Space, Manfredas, Ivan Smagghe and more. They welcome Glasgow’s legendary Optimo (Espacio) duo, JG Wilkes and JD Twitch, plus Edinburgh’s own Eclair FiFi.  Twitch & Wilkes have each played at Bongo in their own right a few times (with Twitch dropping a storming set most recently, in October, for the Hobbes Music Tenth Birthday) but not together, while this will (somewhat amazingly) be Eclair FiFi’s first date at the Cowgate venue, in spite of her setting clubs on fire the world over for many moons now.  A bona fide killer line-up for what’s sure to be another bona fide killer NSA party!  TICKETS SCOTLANDBuy tickets for The Bongo Club

Saturday 09 December


23:00-03:00 £8 // £9 // £10 // £12

‘Alien Disko are back again for one more 4 hour rave of 2023 at the Bongo Club and we thought we’d end the year with a massive bang!’ they say. ‘We’re inviting along a producer / DJ whose name is very well known and loved in the underground music industry, and whose sounds have been a pinnacle to Alien Disko events. From forming one of our favourite labels, Amen4Tekno, creating their very own genre (‘Speedbass’) and then playing some of the best sets we’ve ever experienced…’ MAIN ROOM: Mandidextrous (Amen4Tekno / RAM / Program), Rodent b2b F:N (Alien Disko / CandyFlip), Teknocrat (Alien Disko), Pollyanna b2b Kay Dee (Alien Disko / Sunday Service / Repetitive Beats). UPSTAIRS: Egebamyasi (EGGSLUT / FOXBAM INC / Acid Nation), Foxtrot (EGGSLUT / FOXBAM INC / Tek’in’burgh), Ma Bla (6TM ANON / FOXBAM INC / BBL), The Horne (EGGSLUT).   RA TICKETS Buy tickets for The Bongo Club