Events - 17 Nov 18

Saturday 17 November


19:00-22:00 FREE

Off The Record is a youth music project for 16-25s in Scotland interested in a career in music. Through daytime events, it aims to provide music industry advice and insight from those working in the business.  For the first time, Off The Record will be staging live music showcases which will allow for some of Scotland’s youngest and most exciting, emerging talent to perform in a professional setting. This is the perfect opportunity for young artists and bands to make themselves known within the Scottish music scene.  In Edinburgh, the evening showcase will take place at The Bongo Club following on from the daytime conference at the National Museum of Scotland. For more info and tickets, visit‘.  Age: 14+.  facebook twitter instagram youtube
Saturday 17 November


23:00-03:00 £5

Soulsville November and it’s a it’s a residents affair. Calum Evans and Cameron Mason are back with a variety of deeply dug selections, whilst Two Guys supply some serious house party vibrations to the upstairs.  Room One: Deep disco, tropical rhythms, and worldly soulful flavours  Room Two: Fine house music all night long… Yaldi.  FACEBOOK