Friday 15 March
23:00-03:00 £7 / £9

A bit of a different one lads and lasses….so listen in, we’re only going to do this ONCE….

After a stormy mash-up with Spoonful, we are back working our collaborating magic, but now with a new student project on the block.

Let’s just take a step back and paint the picture for you, close your eyes and sit back in your chair in the library – you’ll want to get comfortable for this one….

Imagine this: you’ve got 2 essays due (already one extension deep), you’re flat out BROKE and just picked out the WORST meal-deal ever, (did I mention it was from the small Sainsbury’s by uni)….your Mum/Dad/Granny/Annoying ex-girlfriend keeps calling you and YES, you are hungover. Savagely so.

How do you cope with all of this on top of your own stresses?

WELL….. that’s where Chilly Dippers comes into play… an Instagram/Facebook page set up by students, FOR STUDENTS.

**Promoting natural coping mechanisms (mainly cold water swimming) for dealing with stress, anxiety and all forms of mental health issues**

See you down at BONGOs this time for an underwater, stress-free, naked dippin themed night….Funktion are bringing you another case of mayhem.

Come on down and make a SPLASH with all the funk, soul and drum & bass you can imagine – you’ll need more than a towel to clean up this mess…. and HEY, just maybe NOW you might be cool….

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Tickets available via link above or on the door (unless sold out).


The Bongo Club
66 Cowgate