Edinburgh Stage School presents Naked Women

Sunday 27 April
20.00-22.00 £7 (£5 students/concessions)
Edinburgh Stage School presents Naked Women

Edinburgh Stage School presents Naked Women (flyer)

As part of the Bongo Lives! Festival “Naked Women” is the second production by the Edinburgh Stage School, showcasing three, highly original one-act plays, all of which highlight the extremities of the female psyche with hilarious and thought-provoking consequences.  It’s a production demonstrating how our insecurities can eat away at, consume and ultimately expose us, leaving us “Naked.” Written, produced and directed by Julian Wickham.

Tickets available exclusively through the Edinburgh Stage School Website.

“What goes around..”
Helen, an all-powerful high-flying executive, is slowly and painfully brought to her knees in front of those who matter most. Pretending to be a prospective employee, Scarlett, harbouring a decades-old grudge, quickly reveals our executive’s dark secrets and past, exposing her for what she really is, or rather who she once was all those years ago. An intense one-act play on power and how quickly it can be won and then lost.  Punctuated with some darkly comedic moments, the common job interview scenario is transformed into a battleground.
 “ The Virgin and the sorceress”
Three modern-day practising witches are under the delusion that sacrificing a male virgin will grant them eternal life. Finding a likely victim on the internet, he is lured to their coven with promises of a night of deflowering and sexual paradise. This is certainly one night he won’t forget! Seduced, teased and wound up before he is drugged, our hapless victim wakes up bound and gagged, prodded with bizarre instruments and embroiled in a hilarious plot to sacrifice him. Our two witches debate how to commit the deed in the fashion that suits them both best. Their egos clash and the sinister plot unravels disastrously, falling apart as our virgin is given the chance to escape.  Does he take it, or does he enjoy the submission and being a part of their twisted game? A tale of sex and magic and how three women in control of one man can inspire a feeding frenzy!
“The Woeful Ballad of Christine and Eric”

Once bitten twice shy, so the saying goes, and Christine has been bitten. Lots. Taking place in a swanky restaurant, Christine has arranged to meet the man of her dreams. A first date for this experienced lady-of-leisure and she’s as nervous as a school-girl. Eric is indeed the dreamy man she expects. Christine can’t help enlisting the help of their uber-attractive waitress to test Eric’s first-date “faith”. Letting her insecurities and past baggage get the better of her, Christine brings about her own loneliness by driving away one of the last few chances she is ever likely to get at a meaningful relationship with an ultimately decent guy. A sharp, harsh look at what past bad experiences can do to a person’s faith in love and relationships and how this can stunt new beginnings. A tragic love story centred on one night. A tale of lust, deceit and loss.

The Edinburgh Stage School provides affordable, accessible and flexible drama school experience for adults. We believe in teaching through doing and each semester culminates in a production performed by our students. 

Classes take place in the evenings with classes on everything from Stage Combat to Stanislavski. Our doors are currently open to aspiring actors for our Sunday Sessions – Every Sunday from 18:00 – 20:00pm.
Our next performance, “Independence”, will take place on the 31st of May at the South Leith Parish Hall.
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