Saturday 22 April
19:00 - 22:00 £7 // £10

Flowers bud, blossoms bloom
Beltane drum crews go boom boom
Summer is coming, and so am I
These beats are lovely, my oh my


“Join us and celebrate the coming of Summer with some ferocious dancing to some ferocious drumming by some ferocious, beautiful people,” say the Drum Club crew. “This year we are blessed with three (!) majestic drum crews, eager to bring us out of our wintry slumber and into the season anew.

This festival we will be given life by the groups below – let’s come together and breathe and move life into them as they showcase what they’ve got in store for us:

Gàirdeachas Drummers

The rhythmic embodiment of joy

The Beasties

Bouncy Beastie beats to awaken summer in your hearts and hips

The Processional Drummers

The relentless heartbeat of the Fire Festival, guaranteed to make you bang your head and stomp your feet!

(This is not the running order, which will be confirmed sometime – though does it really matter?)


If you’ve landed on this page and are wondering what Fire Festival is being referred to, check out http://www.beltane.org.


[The Bongo Club is wheelchair accessible – please get in touch if you have other requirements and are unsure!]

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Tickets available via link above or on the door (unless sold out).


The Bongo Club
66 Cowgate